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Our Mission


Dear business friends,

 Our company has been operating in the Czech market since 1992. From the beginning we have been engaged in supplies of accessories to the textile machines.

 In 2002 we took over the tenter pin plates manufacturing program from TTP ELITEX and thereby, picked up the tradition of stenter pin plates manufacture in Bohemia that have lasted for more than 50 years. Whatever your requirements, we can satisfy your needs.

  Since 2005 we have been producing tenter pin plates and gills of tenter frame: Elitex, Textima, Kenyon, Monforts, Krantz, Babcock, Winsor & Jerauld, Fabcon, Artos, Entec, Marshall & Williams, Famatex, Bruckner, Corino, Entec, Fabcon, Tubetex, Hunter, Morrison, Mascoe, Proctor & Schwartz, Gessner, Ewa, Muzzi, Tandematic, Santex, Singer, Santa Lucia, Tacker, Stentex.

 For this reason we are glad to offer you the supply of stenter pin plates shown in the catalogue. This represents the overview of models that can be modified based on your requirements.

 With regard to our manufacturing process and comparatively low production costs, we offer you excellent quality for very interesting prices.

                                                                                           Pavel Schuhmeier

                                                                                           Company director



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